1. Gretsch BST 1500 (updated)

    Ever since the late 60’s Gibson’s SG has been the most sold electric guitar. Gretsch launched their own solid 70’s inspired guitar called the BST (also referred to as “The Beast”) The had a few different models. My model is the Gretsch BST 1500 Model:8217 

    In 1979-Gretsch Guitars were being manufactured by a company called Baldwin Pianos (at that time based out of Chicago) 

    A BST is the grandpa to the Gretsch Corvette

     I think a designer for Paul Reed Smith guitars had a Gretsch BST in the 80’s and used the design for the PRS starla 

    The 1500 series are very sturdy guitars. I purchased mine form a guy on craigslist who has had it since 85.

    I took the BST to my friend Keirn Hilleary at his shop in Fredrick MD called Lucky Pick Guitar repair and sales. He does an amazing job with everything I bring him. 

    We first got rid of the pesky zero fret and fit a custom vintage bone nut in its place, They made a new Truss rod cover out of rosewood to fill the gap. We then replaced the stock tuners with the Midsize Gotoh 510 tuners that have a very nice 18:1 Gear Ratio we then took the old rusty bridge and replaced it with a nice Schaller Non-Tremolo 3D-6 Roller Bridge that has some really nice adjustment features.            

    I put Dunlop Strap Locks and some vintage Teisco Volume Knobs on it as well. 

    I have a custom pure latigo leather strap (Saddle Leather) made by Bill Stokes at his showcase in Rowlett Texas, The strap is really thin and goes well with the vintage look. 

    My next step is to get some high quality Pots from RS GuitarWorks and replace the pickups with some DIMarzio 36th anniversary PAF’s  

    I have decided to name her Layla    

    Here are some before and after pictures




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